Club membership is open to anyone who supports the aims of the club.

Current annual fees (2020) are £10 for juniors, £25 for adults and £35 for families. Membership entitles members to free use of club equipment, subject to the guidelines below, but does not include pool fees.

We have reduced the fees this year as we have not been operating in the pandemic.

Membership also covers affiliation to the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA). There is no requirement to be an individual member of the SCA to join the club, though if you are you should tell us on the membership form.

Members can join or renew their membership online.


Pool Sessions

The Club runs pool sessions are from September to April on Thursday evenings in Ionad Spòrs Leòdhais in Stornoway.

There are three sessions for junior beginers at 7:45pm; junior intermediates at 8:20pm and adults (all abilities) from 9:05 pm.

Pool sessions are charged in termly blocks of £20-£25.  These charges cover the cost of swimming pool hire.

Cuddy Point

From May to the end of June the club meets at Cuddy Point with a junior session from 7pm till (around) 8.00pm and adults starting at 7.30pm.

During July and August sessions are adult only and run from 7pm. 

Boat Hire

Whilst there is no charge for the use of club boats by members it must be approved by two committee members, including at least one level 3 coach.


For tripe we suggest that individuals travelling together will share the costs and that if someone is towing a trailer carrying a boat for you (including club boats) you should contribute to the driver. Please try and pay your share of the costs on the day as we rely on the goodwill of drivers to enable us to continue to run trips.

Protection policy

As a club we are committed to the Scottish Canoe Association’s Protection Policy for Children & Vulnerable Adults. Murty Campbell is our current Protection Officer. Please contact him if you have any concerns or wish any further information.

Facebook Group for Stornoway Canoe Club.

Please be aware that both club trips and private trips can be advertised on this site. To be advertised as a Club Trip an event must have a qualified coach in attendance or the approval of a level 4 coach at the club. If it is a private trip then this is not required but it must be clearly stated This is not a club trip on the information. Stornoway Canoe Club cannot accept responsibility for privately organised trips.