The information on this site is intended to promote the sport of canoeing and Stornoway Canoe Club.

Stornoway Canoe Club is affiliated to the Scottish Canoe Association and a member of the Lewis and Harris Sports Council.

The club is governed by a formal constitution (that was last amended at the AGM in 2012 and can be found at the foot of this page) and run by a general committee.

Committee meetings are informal events, open to all members, and are usually held after the club session on Thursday evenings. The AGM is held in April or May.

The club recognises that Canoeing is a potentially dangerous sport and recommends that anyone intending to participate should seek advice and training from an appropriately qualified (BCU) coach.

All text and pictures are copyright to Stornoway Canoe Club and its members. Please contact us should you wish to make use of them.

Stornoway Canoe Club

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